Extension for Adobe Premiere

Video Bee Extension for Adobe Premier

The extension integrates seamlessly with Adobe Premiere, allowing for a smooth and efficient workflow. This can be especially useful for editors who use multiple applications and tools in their workflow. The extension can be customized and configured to fit an editor’s specific needs and preferences, helping streamline an editor’s workflow, saving time, and providing a more personalized and efficient editing experience.

Extension Highlights

Some of the extension specific functionalities:

  • Import clips for the cloud to your timeline.
  • Export edits directly to the cloud for review.
  • Import comments to your timeline.
  • Transcribe, subtitle and translate from within the extension.

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Benefits of Using Video Bee

Video Bee is the ultimate video editing extension for collaborating with colleagues, freelancers, and clients. With its advanced AI models and multiple folder types, Video Bee allows you to easily organize and manage your projects and footage.

  • Collaboration: Work together on projects with team members and clients and get notified on status changes. Share files, folders, and assets, and invite external reviewers to provide frame-accurate comments.
  • Transcripts and Subtitles: Create and edit transcripts and subtitles from video and audio files using AI models, and easily translate them.
  • Text and Label Detection: Recognize text in images and videos, and detect labels such as objects, scenes, actions, and concepts.
  • Video Analysis: Detect shots, scenes, and cuts within videos, and add custom metadata to media files.
  • File Management: Support for all common formats and codecs, including Apple ProRes 422 LT, with the ability to convert between formats and link assets with media files. Access files through the web interface, extensions, or generic links, and preview them in a frame-accurate media player.
  • Security: Set multifactor authentication and enjoy data encryption in transit and at rest, meeting the highest EU security standards.

With Video Bee, you can access the best AI models from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, all within a user-friendly interface. Streamline your video editing process and elevate your work to the next level with Video Bee.